Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Summer Learning Journey

Here is another SLJ activity. This one was based on a charity so I chose Team Trees🌲🌲.
Here is the link to donate to Team Trees🌲🌲


  1. Hi Lachlan
    This is some great information about this charity. I like how you have added a link to there site.
    Keep up the great work

  2. Kia ora Lachlan,

    Thanks for sharing some information on #TeamTrees. I liked how you also included some images and photos to support your blog post. This looks like an awesome charity project, where did you hear about it?

    20 million trees is quite a lot, do you think they will reach their goal?

    Apparently some researchers believe that planting trees will help fight climate change. Pretty cool right? My favourite New Zealand tree is the Pohutukawa, or the Kōwhai tree, because they produce such vibrant flowers. Do you have a favourite tree?

    Keep on blogging!


    1. Hi Beren, its me Lachlan thank you for that awesome comment!👍 Anyway I herd about TeamTrees on youtube actually because both the youtubers that started TeamTrees were two of my favorite youtubers and I herd about TeamTrees through there videos. I think that they will reach there goal of planting 20 million trees because they are already reached it yesterday and they still going YAY!
      I don't know what my favourite tree is but I think the Pohutukawa tree is a pretty dope tree! Anyway I hope you have a good day

      - Lachlan

    2. Hi Lachlan,

      Wow, that is awesome news that they reached their goal! I will have to check out their youtube pages and watch some of their videos.

      I am signing off for the year now, but I will be back on the 6th of January to catch up on all your blog posts. Good luck, and enjoy your holidays!


    3. Thank you for reading my posts and I hope you have a good Christmas! Hopefully you aren't on the naughty list and get some presents!


  3. G'day Lochie I see that you chose team trees as well. Anyways good job with this activity. In fact at the time of posting this comment they have already reached their goal but you can still donate more trees.

  4. Hi Lochie,

    Team Trees is an awesome charity! How many trees have the planted so far? Is this what you guy's were all writing on the whiteboard at school? I hope you had a wonderful Xmas and you got a visit from Santa!

    Happy New Year.

    From Mrs B.

  5. Hello Lochie,

    It’s Beren from the Summer Learning Journey team. You started off really well with your blogging, but I haven’t seen a post from you in a while. It would be so cool to see you try a few more activities! Remember, you don’t have to do the activities in order, have a look and see which ones interest you:

    I hope to see some posts from you soon!



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